Building your assortment is the first step to success.

Every product you carry is another chance to hook customers. Here’s how to build a catalog that maximizes your sales.

Gather your product info to start selling in no time.

Compile your products and product details to begin building your catalog.

Illustration of yellow chair product image with yellow magnifying glass over it
Product Identifiers
Model Numbers
Brand Names
Product Names
Illustration of stacked yellow Wayfair boxes with size bar next to one
Specs & Bundling Info
Carton Quantities

Learn the basics of great merchandising.

Wow customers with top-notch content and media.

The basics are just the start. Invest in great images, descriptions, and more to delight customers and stand out.

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Make them clear, concise, and thorough, answering customers’ most common questions.
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Add a mix of high-resolution environmental and solo shots of each product – two to start, and more to help them stand out.
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Videos & Guides
How-tos, assembly guides, footage of products in action – if it helps shoppers get to know an item, add it!

See what goes into a great listing.

We turn your product details into comprehensive product pages that tell customers everything they need to know to buy.

  1. Name constructed from product details for clarity and consistency.
  2. Photos from multiple angles and in multiple environments.
  3. Options grouped together intuitively.
  4. Detailed specs on dimensions, weight, and more.
Image of yellow chair and ottoman selling online on Wayfair

Reach customers and drive sales with a complete catalog.

Our most successful partners carry their full assortments at launch, then keep their selections fresh over time.

Partners who launch with wider assortments grow

150% faster

than those who only carry a few products.
Partners who update their catalogs in a given year grow

2x as fast

that year as those who don’t.

Learn how a fully stocked catalog can boost your business.

Let’s get your business growing on the best platform for the home.

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