Reach our most valuable customers on Wayfair Professional.

Pro customers shop more and spend more. That’s why our gated B2B e-commerce platform is one of the most exciting opportunities for Wayfair partners.

Designed to help professionals (and you) win.

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Room for You to Grow
Wayfair Professional drives billions in sales each year, and it’s growing fast. That’s a big opportunity for any business.
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Built Just for Pros
Our personalized site experience is tailored to each Pro’s industry to help them find just the products and services they need.
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Hands-On Support
Our expert sales team is ready to lend customers a hand and help tackle any project, big or small.
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Exclusive Value
Pro pricing helps our customers find the products they need at prices they love – and can’t get anywhere else.

Industries we serve:

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Interior Design
CGI image of a bathroom for Wayfair ecommerce platform
wayfair professional image of an office with 10 chairs
CGI wayfair professional image of a hotel room
3d cgi wayfair professional image of a classroom with a table and chairs
3 d modeling wayfair professional image of indoor dining
Wayfair Professional image of outdoor space
Property Management
CGI wayfair professional image of a lobby with a front desk and seating area
And More

How to target our Pros:

You can tailor your products to professionals right on Partner Home, alongside your B2C business.

Icon of armchair, framed photo, and refrigerator
Specialized Assortment
While every product on Wayfair is available on Wayfair Professional, you can also carry commercial-grade products to cater especially to our Pro audience.
Icon of a chair with camera focus finder corners around it
Commercial Merchandising
Have images that show your products in commercial settings? Upload them and we’ll put them front and center on Wayfair Professional.
Icon of nightstand with magnifying glass over it
Product Tagging
If a product is built tough for use in a commercial setting, use the “Commercial Use” tag to make it easier for professionals to find.
Icon of a price tag
Exclusive Pro Pricing
Products with pricing just for commercial consumers get special badging on-site and extra visibility during promotions.

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