Returns that work for you and our customers.

Shoppers spend more when they know they’ll be taken care of. Here’s how we make buyer’s remorse returns easy on you and keep customers coming back.

Wayfair’s easy return policy.

We take any unused item back up to 30 days after delivery and make it simple to do so.

Exceptions apply.

How returns work at Wayfair:

Illustration of customer initiating return on desk lamp
When a product isn’t quite right for their space, the customer initiates a return.
Illustration of desk lamp going into a shipping box with return label
Wayfair sends the customer a return shipping label.
Illustration of shipping truck arriving at warehouse
The customer ships the product back to your warehouse – or Wayfair’s, if you opt in to Wayfair-managed returns.
Illustration of returned desk lamp being inspected with magnifying glass
You receive the item at your warehouse and inspect it. If it’s unused, you’ll refund the product’s wholesale cost.

An option for any business.

You can manage returns in-house for maximum control or opt for Wayfair to handle them so you can take the load off.

Image of wayfair boxes on conveyor belt at ecommerce fulfillment warehouse
Self-Managed Returns
Receive returns to your own warehouse to inspect and refund each item individually.
image of ecommerce fulfillment center employee managing orders
Wayfair-Managed Returns
Eligible partners can opt for Wayfair to receive, inspect, and process all returns in exchange for a partial refund on each item. Wayfair will resell any returned items.

How to prevent returns:

Returns happen – there’s no way around it. But here are some proven ways to delight customers with their purchases the first time.

Image of supplier on ipad for warehouse management
Spot Growing Trends
Use Partner Home’s return-reporting tools to analyze returned products and solve recurring issues.
CGI Image of bedroom with gallery wall frames behind headboard and a colorful floral comforter on the bed
Update Content & Media
Most returns are caused by merchandising issues. Enhance your product content and media to set accurate expectations.
Customer service representative assisting suppliers with questions like best dropship practices
Partner With Our Team
Your Account Management team can help strategize ways to minimize returns. Get in touch through Partner Home’s Contact page.

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