Tools and services to deliver satisfaction.

Logistics is the backbone of any e-commerce business. Our tools, resources, and integrations make it easy to get orders out the door on time and intact.

First stop: Partner Home.

Toasters or tables, flatware or futons: Partner Home will help you dropship whatever’s in your warehouse.

Illustration of laptop with chair inventory updates
Update Inventory
Check demand forecasts and set stock statuses in the Inventory tab to let us know what’s available.
Illustration of person on desktop computer managing orders
Manage Orders
Check order details and ship dates or print packing slips and shipping labels in the Order Management tab.
Illustration of large shipping truck in front of globe with order clipboard
Ship Anything
Large parcel or small, you can ship it here. Get BOLs and manifests, coordinate carrier pickups, and more in Order Management.

Partner Home can help you scale your business.

*Figures are as of Q1 2021.

Gain room to grow with data integrations.

Make the complex simple by automating the exchange of inventory and order data between your business and ours.


Connect to Wayfair’s order and inventory API to exchange information in real time so you never have to slow down.

Read Our API Documentation & Get Started

Graph illustrating API_Equipped partners growing 100% faster than EDI-Equipped partners


Ready to grow but not equipped for API integrations? EDI exchanges data at regular intervals for a less tech-intensive option that still moves fast.

Graph illustrating that EDI-Equipped Partners grow 40% more than Partner Home users

Fulfillment your way.

We have options for any business with any range of capabilities.

Wayfair boxes on a furniture warehousing conveyor belt
CastleGate Forwarding
CastleGate Forwarding can position your inventory for speedy delivery anywhere.
Suppliers at warehouse looking on ipad for logistics management
Fulfillment at Scale
CastleGate Fulfillment delivers orders to 97% of U.S. customers in as little as two days.
Image of forklift loading shipping containers onto castlegate ocean freight ship for international freight forwarder
Combined Approach
Augment your own fulfillment capabilities with any of our forwarding and fulfillment services.

Here’s how to keep orders and inventory flowing smoothly.

How to take orders into your own hands:

Dropshipping orders yourself? Delivering quickly and reliably is the quickest way to customers’ hearts. Here’s what to focus on.

Icon of shipping truck
Items that ship within two days sell 30% better. Drive conversion by promising (and delivering!) speedy shipping.
Icon of star
Deliver items on time and intact to drive positive reviews and turn one order into 100.
Icon of yellow target with arrow in the center ring
Keep your lead times, warehouse hours, and inventory levels up to date to route orders correctly.
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Your business will grow fast on Wayfair. Build scalable processes that can easily handle one order today and 1,000 tomorrow.

Let’s get your business growing on the best platform for the home.

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